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Mental Health Crossword Puzzle

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Mental Health

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Across Down
6 Demonstrates a cause-and-effect relationship between one variable and another.
8 Principles of evolution, including natural selection, to explain psychological processes and phenomena.
9 Studies how behavior is acquired or modified by environmental consequences.
10 Focuses on the relationship between behavior and the body's physical systems.
11 A research strategy that allows the precise calculation of how strongly related two factors are to one another.
12 Scientific procedures that involve systematically observing behavior in order to describe the relationship among behaviors and events.
14 Alleged abilities or events that fall outside the range of normal experiences and established scientific explanations.
15 Research study in which neither the participant nor the researcher interacting with the participant is aware of the experimental group to which the participant belongs.
17 Emphasizes each person's unique potential for psychological growth and self-direction.
18 Studies the causes, treatment, and prevention of different types of psychological disorders.
20 Personality theory and form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the role of unconscious factors in personality and behavior.
1 The evolutionary perspective has grown out of a renewed interest from this naturalists work.
2 The founder of psychology.
3 Founded and promoted psychology in the United States
4 A highly detailed description of a single individual or event.
5 The scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
7 Studies the physical, social, and psychological changes that occur at different ages and stages over the lifespan.
13 A tentative explanation that tries to integrate and account for the relationship of various findings and observations.
16 Austrian physician and founder of psychoanalysis.
19 The method in which the four goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict, and influence human behavior and mental processes.
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