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Military Crossword Puzzle

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No Spaces between the words

                    1   2                                
                                    3   4                
                        5       6                        
                      10                 11                
                  12                         13            
        20       21                           22            
23                 24                         25            
      27                           28                      
                      29   30   31                          
                  35               36                      
                  37   38                                  
Across Down
1 a fortified place, or position stationed with troops
5 a vessel that is capable of staying underwater for a long time
7 a portable cannon used to fire bomb shells
8 Protects the head. also known as the brain-bucket
9 an unpowered device used when dropping from great heights
10 a weapon that is fired, dropped, or projected at a target
11 a military organization for sea warfare and defense
12 a warship of the largest size, and most heavily armored, and has the most artillery on it
13 a compartment in some firearms, which holds bullets
14 used in all firearms. this substance was found by Chinese philosophers
15 a soldier who is deployed from an aircraft and lands on the ground using a parachute
17 the first rank in the military
18 a gun that fires rapidly and repeatedly
21 an aircraft that flies from spinning rotor blades on top of the aircraft
22 an escort or an accompaniment by ships or troops
23 a small metallic missile in a cartridge, used as a porjectile of a gun
24 a large armored combat vehicle armed with artillery
25 a machine capable of flight, like a helicopter
27 to conceal something by the use of disguising something into the natural environment
29 something soldiers have to do before entering the military
34 a firearm that can be shot using one hand
36 a person, organization, group, or nation against yours
37 a person who holds a commission in the armed forces
2 soldiers wear these to protect their feet from different environments
3 a skilled shooter who shoots enemies from far range
4 a rank above corporal, and below staff sergeant
6 A light-weight, fully automatic gun that uses a cartridge of a pistol
8 a rank below major, and above lieutenant
14 a metal identification tag worn on a chain by soldiers
16 a small durable motor vehicle used by the army
19 a company of troops made of 2 squads or sections led by a lieutenant
20 a small bomb thrown or shit from a launcher
22 a set of buildings used to house soldiers
26 when the skin or any external feature of the body is damaged
28 a branch of the army made up of units trained to fight on foot
30 an underwater projectile fired from a submarine
31 large caliber weapons such as cannons
32 a physician or surgeon of the army
33 an explosive used to destroy enemies by detonation or by contact
35 one who serves in an army
38 a firearm with a rifle bore, and is designed to be fired from the shoulder
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