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Minerals Crossword Puzzle

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Complete the puzzle using the clues below.

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Across Down
6 refers to the arrangement, type, and ratio of atoms in molecules of chemical substances.
7 characteristic that describes how the particles of a mineral hold together or resist separation.
8 is a comparison or ratio of the weight of the mineral to the weight of an equal amount of water.
9 characteristic that allows a mineral to attract or repel each other magnetic materials
10 the tendency of a mineral to break along flat planar surfaces as determined by the structure of its crystal lattice
11 means that people did not make it. Steel is not a mineral because it is an alloy produced by people.
12 is a measure of mineral's resistance to scratching
13 ability to allow light to pass through the mineral.
14 it indicates how much the surface of a mineral reflects light.
15 is a form of matter that has constant chemical composition and characteristic properties.
16 refers to compounds that do not contain carbon, and not consisting of or deriving from living matter.
1 true color of the mineral in powdered form
2 is one of the four fundamental states of matter
3 Is a property of a mineral that is not advisable to lick for it can cause a considerable amount of unnecessary ingestion of the substance.
4 characteristic of a mineral that gives a distinctive scent if moistened, heated, breathed upon or rubbed.
5 the physical feature of a mineral
6 is composed of a unit cell, a set of atoms arranged in a particular way; which is periodically repeated in three dimensions on a lattice.
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