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Moses Crossword Puzzle Answer

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          J O S E P H                
            R     A                  
            E     P E O P L E        
            B     Y         G O D    
J A C O B     M I R I A M   Y        
    O             U         P        
    M I D W I V E S         T        
W I L D E R N E S S                  
    A                     M          
    I S R A E L I T E S   I     A    
    N                 H   D     A    
  R E P H I D I M     E   I     R    
    D     S           P H A R A O H  
          R           H   N     N    
        H A N D S     E              
          E       A B R A H A M      
          L       M   D       A      
                  A       M O S E S  
              S   L           S      
              T W E L V E   W A T E R
              A   K           H      
Across Down
2 He was sold into slavery but became very mighty in the land of Egypt. (Gen 37:26-28)
4 Who complained of no water? (Ex 17:3)
6 Who made the miracle happen? (Ex 17:6)
7 Took his family to Egypt during the famine. (Gen 42:1)
9 Moses' sister. (Ex. 15:20)
10 Pharaoh told them to kill all the male children. (Ex. 1:15-18)
11 Where were the children of Israel wandering? (Ex 17:1)
13 God's chosen people. (Ex. 1:7)
16 Where did they have no water? (Ex 17:1)
18 He tried to kill Moses. (Ex. 1:22)
19 What did Moses hold high to win the battle against Amalek? (Ex 17:11)
20 God made His covenant with him and changed his name. (Gen. 15:18)
22 Who struck the rock? (Ex 17:6)
24 How many sons did Jacob have? (Gen 35:23-26)
25 What came out of the rock? (Ex 17: 6)
1 Where the rock Moses struck? (Ex 17:6)
3 What Moses' basket was made from. (Ex. 2:3)
5 Where was Moses born? (Ex. 3:7)
8 What did the people do when they wanted water? (Ex 17:3)
12 Where Moses fled to after killing the Egyptian. (Ex. 2:15
14 What was Moses' occupation while in the land of Midian? (Ex. 3:1)
15 Moses, _________ and Hur watched the battle from the hill. (Ex17:10)
17 God changed Jacobs' name to this. (Gen. 32:28)
20 Who started attacking Israel? (Ex 17:8)
21 ____ and Meribah were the two names Moses called the place (Ex 17:7)
23 What did Moses hit the rock with? (Ex 17:5)
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