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Motives & Emotions Crossword Puzzle

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Motives & Emotions

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Across Down
2 the people toward whom our attention or motives are directed.
4 (motivation) or the desire toaccomplish or master something difficult or challenging
5 posture opposed tot he face leaking the truth
7 small structure at the core of the brain that governs many aspects of behavior.
9 tendancy to seek out stimulatingand novel experiences
12 (SWB) preponderance of positive thoughts and feelings about ones life.
14 energizing and directing our efforts towards a meaningful goal.
17 venting, or getting somethin off of your chest.
1 goal-directed activities that energize and direct behavior
2 fleeting facial expressions that last only a fraction of a second
3 (emotions) emotional experiences that are reflective, involve evaluation of the self,
6 (emotions) refer to the initial and direct response to an experience.
8 feelings of displeasure or resentment
10 motivation for an individual to engage in and activity as a means to an end.
11 motivation for an individual to actively engage with task that they find interesting
13 complex emotions that occur when we fear losing a close relationship.
15 vague, unpleasant feeling that serves as an emotional alarm signal.
16 tension states that arouse us to seen gratification
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