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Mountain Types Crossword Puzzle

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Mountain Types

You may you words more than once.

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4 Plateau mountains from erosion tend to be really what?
5 What is the most common type of mountain?
6 What is formed over billions of years of water erosion?
7 What happens when the plates hit each other in a fold mountain?
8 What is formed when magma is pushed up to the surface and erupts and builds up around a vent?
14 Mt. Fuji is a volcano but is also know as a what?
15 What is created when magma is pushed up but never reacher the surface and cools and hardens?
16 What mountain breaks up into chunks and moves up and down?
18 What type of erosion creates a plateau mountain?
19 Volcanic mountains are also know as what?
1 What kind of mountain's magma erupts as ash, lava, rocks, and volcanic gasses?
2 What kind of back side does a fault-block mountain tend to have?
3 Two cars crashing together is an example of what type of mountain's tectonic plates?
5 What is created when a crack in Earth's crust forces materials up?
9 When Fold mountains are created what do the two plates creating it do?
10 What mountain is formed by rivers carving deep into it?
11 What mountains tend to be in a shape of a dome?
12 What kind of front side does a fault-block mountain tend to have?
13 Erosion causes Dome mountains to create a what?
17 Fold mountains tend to be very what?
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