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Music And Literature Crossword Puzzle

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Music and Literature

                              1   2            
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Across Down
3 A separate section of a book, usually with a number or title
4 The main female character in a story, novel, film, etc.
6 Books, articles or texts about real facts, people and events
7 To stand in front of an orchestra and direct its performance
9 A person who writes reviews of books, films or plays
10 The series of events that form the story of a novel, play, film, etc.
11 A story about magic, usually for children
12 A person who writes the words and usually also the music for songs
14 A person who writes novels
18 A person who creates works of art, especially paintings or drawings
1 A style of dancing that tells a dramatic story with music but no talking or singing
2 A type of literature that describes imaginary people and events, not real ones
5 The act of providing people with somebody to interest them or make them laugh
7 A list, produced each week, of the songs or albums that have sold the most copies or been downloaded or listened to via streaming the most frequently
8 A musical instrument made of a hollow round frame with plastic or skin stretched tightly across one or both ends.
13 Poems as a genre of literature
15 A book forming part of a work or series
16 The words of a popular song
17 An official series of visits made to different places by a sports team, an orchestra, an important person, etc.
18 A prize for something that somebody has done
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