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Music Instruments And Their Families Crossword Puzzle

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Music Instruments And Their Families

Write the name of the instrument in the puzzle

                        1     2          
                    3   4                
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      14     15                            
Across Down
1 This instrument has a lot of strings but you don't use a bow to play it.
3 I am the biggest of the brass instruments
6 I belong to the woodwind family and I have a double reed
7 You strike, scrape, or hit the instruments in this family.
9 The man that leads the symphony is called a what?
12 I am the only instrument in the woodwind family but I have a Brass body.
13 I am in the percussion family and am a geometric shape but i'm not a circle or a square.
14 Some instruments in this family have a single or double reed.
16 This instrument has black and white keys.
17 This instrument is straight and is played to the side.
2 I look like a flute but am smaller.
4 The instruments in this family all have a 'bell'. What family is it?
5 I belong to the brass family and am really curly.
8 I look just like a violin but am a little bit bigger.
10 I am used to play a string instrument.
11 I belong to the string family and am played with a bow. You sit down to play me.
13 I am made of brass tubing that moves in and out to create different pitches.
15 I am the largest of the string instruments that are played with a bow.
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