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Musical Instruments Crossword Puzzle

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Musical Instruments

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Across Down
5 An instrument that is similar to the violin but with longer strings.
7 A musical instrument with black and white keys.
8 A wind instrument that is used with eight different blowing holes.
9 A stringed instrument that is common in Brazil.
10 The smallest bowed string instrument.
11 A wind instrument that Lisa Simpson plays.
12 A wind instrument that Woddy Allen plays.
13 A wind instrument that is played horizontally.
16 A big drum that is played with a big deck.
17 A musical instrumet which is usually used in churches.
18 A big string instrument that is made of wood and it has a lot of strings inside.
19 A percussion instrument that belongs to the family of membranophones originated in ancient Manding Empire.
1 A percussion instrument of Arabic origin which is used throughout the Middle East, from the group of glass drums.
2 A small flute.
3 An instrument that was invented by the Russian Leon Theremin. It was one of the first electronic instrument and sounds without any physical contact.
4 A stringed musical instrument which comes from Galicia.
6 A wind Instrument (with a U-shaped bow).
8 A string Instruments used in the Baroque, that was modernized and it is now known as piano.
14 A metal instrument that is played by beating it witha metal stick.
15 A string instrument played with a plectrum.
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