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Musical Instruments OF South East Asia Countries Crossword Puzzle

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Musical Instruments Of South East Asia Countries

      1 2                            
      5                 6   7        
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Across Down
1 is a mouth organ made up of eight pieces of bamboo pipes of varying lengths inserted into an empty gourd.
4 also used in theatrical performance like Chinese opera and puppet shadow play.
5 are products of the musical influences from China, and Indian.
8 is a pair of knobbed gongs that are suspended in the rectangular frame.
9 is three-stringed spiked fiddle, that is believe to have originated from Northern Iran.
10 is one of the influential countries in Southeast Asia.
12 a pair of drums where the bigger one is covered with calfskin on both ends and the smaller one is covered with goat skin on both heads.
13 music that performed during harvest season to give thanks to the rice spirit.
16 it is composed of two pairs of cymbals attached to a wooden block.
2 malaysia has it's own music and culture before the coming of the____?
3 is also used for story telling and celebrating life-cycle events.
6 performed for healing rituals.
7 is doubled reed eight finger wind instrument with conical tube made from a jack fruit wood.
11 another important religion that influenced the music of Malaysia in the 13th Century.
14 is a three stringed pear-shaped lute that is played by plucking strings using a pick.
15 is a pair of drums with different sizes where the heads on both sides are covered with animal skin membrane.
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