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Musical Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Musical Terms

                                  1 2                  
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Across Down
1 Soft
3 Two or more different notes played together without an articulation of the second note
5 The speed of a piece
8 Simultaneously sounding of the same note by two or more players
9 Short and accented
11 Symbol that lowers the pitch by a half step
12 Symbol that raises the pitch by a half step
13 Sharp, flat, or naturals occurring outside of a given key signature within a composition
14 The director of a musical group
16 Two or more of the same note played together
17 Designation of sharps or flats at the beginning of a composition to indicate its basic scale tonality
18 Loud
19 The shape of your mouth around the mouthpiece
20 The emphasis is on the upbeat
21 A hold
22 The understanding of the aesthetic qualities inherent in the composition
23 Musical and expressive involvement in the music
26 Gradually get softer
30 Moderately fast tempo
31 Your playing position
32 Moderately slow tempo
33 Smooth and connected
2 Playing a fixed pitch in tune
4 The gradual slowing of tempo
6 How loud or soft to play
7 The shaping of a musical idea
9 The changing from one key to another
10 Short and separated
13 The initial attack of a note using your tongue
15 Medium loud
24 Combinations of long and short sounds that convey a sense of movement
25 Symbol indicating pitch designations for the lines and spaces of the musical staff
27 Gradually get louder
28 A person who creates musical works
29 Parts that are divided
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