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MY Little Pony Characters Crossword Puzzle Answer

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My Little Pony Characters

                      F             R   A                
                      L         F   A   P                
                      I         L   I   P                
                      M         U   N   L                
                      A         T   B   E                
                      N         T   O   J                
                      D         E   W   A   S P I K E    
                S     F         R   D   C   W            
                T W I L I G H T S P A R K L E            
                A     A         H   S       E            
K I N G S O M B R A   M         Y   H       T R I X I E  
                L                           I            
              N I G H T M A R E M O O N   C E L E S T I A
      D   L     G                           B            
      I   U     H               C A D A N C E            
      S U N S E T S H I M M E R             L            
      C   A     G                           L            
      O         L                     T I R E K          
      R     S H I N I N G A R M O R                      
      D         M                                        
                M     S             P                    
            Q U E E N C H R Y S A L I S                  
                R     O   A     P   N                    
                      O   R     P   K                    
                      T   I     L   I                    
                      A   T     E   E                    
                      L   Y     B   P                    
                      O         L   I                    
                      O         O   E                    
Across Down
5 A small dragon who is an assistant to Twilight and was to Apple Jack.
7 An alicorn pony who is Princess Celestia's prized pupil.
8 The former ruler of the Crystal Empire who made everyone miserable.
9 A unicorn pony who is also a traveling magician who believed she is the best.
10 The former evil version of Princess Luna.
11 A princess who has flowing rainbow hair.
14 A princess-alicorn pony who is the ruler of the Crystal Empire.
15 A unicorn pony who was formerly Princess Celestia's star pupil.
16 The villain who Twilight defeated in the end of season 4.
17 A unicorn stallion who is married to a princess and is related to one.
20 The queen of the changelings who disguised herself as Princess Cadance.
1 Two unicorn stallions that tried to drive the Apple family out of Ponyville once.
2 A pegasus pony who dreams to be in the Wonderbolts.
3 An earth pony who got her cutie mark by returning to Sweet Apple Acres.
4 A pegasus pony who is an animal caretaker in a small cottage.
5 A unicorn pony who is part of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
6 The unicorn pony who was the founder of the town that represents 'sameness'.
12 A draconequus who was formerly evil but Fluttershy became his friend.
13 An alicorn pony who raises the moon.
18 A filly-pegasus pony who idolizes Rainbow Dash.
19 A pink Earth pony who lives at Sugarcube Corner.
21 A unicorn that represents the element of generosity.
22 A filly pony who is related to Apple Jack, Big Mac, and Granny Smith.
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