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Natural Structure Crossword Puzzle

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Natural Structure

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Across Down
1 This place is cold and have two different type of Biomes The Artic and The Alpine.
4 A medium scale ecosystem such as a forest.
5 A big group of people that live or will be in place.
6 A group of people in specific time or place.
7 The sum of all the ecosystems established on Earth.
9 A close relationship between two organisms of different kinds which benefits both organisms.
11 A natural environment of an organism or place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism.
12 A very large ecosystem or collection of ecosystems such as an entire Rainforest.
2 There are two different types there is Fresh Water and Salt Water.
3 All of the non-living things in an ecosystem.
4 A small scale ecosystem such as a pond, puddle, tree trunk, under a rock.
8 A place with little or no rainfall that could be cold or hot.
10 All of the living organisms within an ecosystem.These may be plants, animals, fungi, and any other living things.
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