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Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Crossword Puzzle

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Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

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Across Down
2 This plant is used to cure cough and cold
5 Plant community which has grown naturally without human aid
7 A tree found in Tropical Evergreen type of vegetation
9 Royal Bengal tiger is found in this delta
10 Rann of Kutch is famous for nesting of these birds
12 It is the home of the rhinceros
14 It is desert, arid region
15 This is the natural habitat of the Indian lion
16 A biosphere in Madhya Pradesh
17 A biosphere in Meghalaya
1 It is at the trijunction of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
3 The wildlife sanctuary for elephants
4 Name of the biosphere in Orissa
6 It is a wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan known for camels
8 This is the pure Indian vegetation
11 A wild life sanctuary in Jammu and Kashmir
13 A bird sanctuary in Rajasthan famous for Siberian Birds
14 Silver fur is found in this type of vegetation
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