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Neoclassical Era Crossword Puzzle

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Neoclassical Era

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4 This neoclassical dancer is best known for changing the dress to a more flowing costume
6 Moliere died after collapsing during a performance of this play
7 This neoclassical guideline translates to mean 'the appearance of the truth' and says that plays should only include events that can happen in real life
8 This neoclassical guideline says that plays should teach a clear moral purpose
9 This country begins to really take shape during this era and establishes independence from Britain in 1776
10 This dancer was considered the most accomplised dancer of the 18th century and wore the very first ballet slipper
11 Moliere's plays are influenced by the physical comedy of this
12 This neoclassical guideline says that truth was to be sought in those characteristics which were shared by all people or things in the same category
13 Napoleon asked this artist to become his court painter
14 Camargo raised her skirt and revealed undergarments that were the beginnings of these
15 This former USA president helped propel architecture in the newly founded American country
16 This playwright's real name is Jean-Baptiste Poqeulin
19 This painting is considered the FIRST neoclassical painting
1 Artwork created for the purpose of making people believe in something or change their opinion on an issue
2 This dance term is the ability to jump into the air and cross feet rapidly and also caused a change in ballet attire
3 This neoclassical guideline says that characters had to act in a way that was appropriate to their stations in life
5 Jean-Georges Noverre created this book about ballet in 1760
17 The Oath of Horatii was a painting about 3 of these swearing to defend their city to death
18 This is a comic form of drama that employs wit, irony, and exaggeration to attack or expose evil or foolishness
20 Neoclassical theatre started here in the mid 1600s
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