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New Republic Crossword Puzzle

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New Republic

    1         2                                    
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Across Down
1 tax
5 to own something to another person or group;mostly money
7 a group of people that make up the rest of the executive branch
8 a list of what the parties believe in
10 review by the US Supreme Court of the constitutional validity of a legislative act.
12 problems between multiple nations
14 to leave alone
15 to be remembered for after you leave or pass away
16 goes against the constitution
17 to force someone into the army or navy
18 problems in the country or nation
20 when a nation own money to another nation
22 an organization in which people believe in a common goal
2 a group of people who believed in a strong government that states follow
3 to be neutral in a situation
4 where the supreme powers of the government is held by the people
6 a sense of pride for ones nation
7 when an agreement is made between two parties
9 authority for a court to be the first court to hear and decide cases on a particular matter
11 superior
12 to establish
13 income
19 tax
21 a law that was passed
23 to understand it your own way
24 agriculture
25 an example for others to follow after that person
26 a firm decision to do or not to do something
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