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Nrl Rugby League Crossword Puzzle

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NRL Rugby League

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Across Down
3 What is an umpire in the NRL is called?
6 Which species of dog is Canterbury Bankstowns nickname?
7 What month of the year is the NRL Grand Final played?
8 NRL Premiers get win which telecommunication premiership
9 The Brisbane __________________ are a QLD team
12 What state do both 2015 NRL grand final teams come from?
14 The number of points for a try in the NRL
15 Balmain and Western Suburbs joined to become the W_____ T______
18 How many points is a field goal worth in the NRL?
20 Which team is known as the Raiders?
21 What North QLD town is the Cowboys based in?
23 A steel city team north of Sydney won NRL premiership in 1997
26 Three teams in QLD are Broncos, Cowboys and ____________
27 St. George Illawarra ____________ are based in Wollongong
29 The NRL Grand Final is played at ANZ ________
31 What day of the week is the NRL Grand Final played?
1 What is the nickname of Melbournes only team in the NRL?
2 This NRL teamis based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney
4 The 2014 NRL premiers
5 The ______________ Warriors are only team from New Zealand in NRL
10 The official NRL team known as the Eels
11 This NRL team is based in the Eastern Suburbs and 2013 premiers
13 A goal is worth _______ points in the NRL
16 NRL stands for ________________ Rugby League
17 The player of the year in the NRL gets the __________ M Medal
19 The winners of the NRL Grand Final are called the P_________
22 Which NRL team is based at the foot of the Blue Mountains
24 The game before the grand final is called the C________ Raiser
25 The number of players who can be on the field for one side of an NRL team
28 The number worn by the half-back in the NRL
30 Man of the Match in the NRL gets the Churchill M______
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