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Nutrition & Digestion Crossword Puzzle

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Nutrition & Digestion

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Across Down
3 It secretes bile juice.
4 Bile juice helps in the digestion of ___________ present in the food.
5 An enzyme that help in digestion of protein.
6 longest part of small intestine.
7 Process by which green plants make food.
8 Makes the gastric juice acidic.
10 Amoeba ingests food by using its _________________.
11 First part of large intestine which absorbs water from the undigested food.
13 Absorbed food is used by cells for energy, growth & repair.
14 Obtain their food from dead & decaying plants & animals.
16 A pigment other than chlorophyll which can absorb sunlight.
18 The organelle of the cell in which photosynthesis occurs.
20 Breaking down food into small molecules.
22 Process of taking food into our mouth.
23 Protects the walls of stomach from HCl.
24 Movement of food molecules into blood.
28 Fingure like projections in the inner surface of small intestine.
1 Getting rid of undigested food.
2 Bile juice is _____________ in nature.
7 The contraction & expansion movement of the walls of oesophagus.
9 Mode of nutrition in amoeba.
12 A hormone secreted by pancrea.
15 An organism which derives its food from the body of another living organism.
17 The first wider part of small intestine.
19 Enzymes secreted by pancreas to digest protein.
21 Last part of the large intestine.
24 A substance used to remove chlorophyll from a green leaf.
25 A gas produced in photosynthesis.
26 Enzyme present in saliva.
27 _______________ turns blue black on reacting with starch.
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