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Nutrition Through The Life Cycle Crossword Puzzle

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Nutrition Through the Life Cycle

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Across Down
5 A negative physical reaction to a food substance that does not involve the body's immunce system.
6 This type of vegetarian includes dairy products and eggs into his or her diet.
7 A body's lack of or inability to use the hormone insulin.
10 A period of rapid growth.
11 This is a type of food that appeals to preschool aged children.
13 A diet that is built partially or completely on fruit, vegetables, and other plant foods.
14 A response of the body's immune system to a food protein.
15 An eating plan prescribed by a physician.
17 A major health problem for older adults who have calcium-deficient diets.
19 This person eats no animal foods of any kind.
1 Weighing more than what is considered a healthy weight for his or her height.
2 As people age their energy needs ______________.
3 Parents should not use food as a punishment or ____________.
4 This nutrient helps prevent neural tube defects during the first trimester of pregnancy.
5 Reactions between foods and drugs.
8 Drinking plenty fo these is recommended to treat many everyday health problems.
9 Teens should get this many minutes of activity each day.
12 An infant's requirements for all nutrients are ___________ per unit of body weight than an adults.
16 All the food and drink a person regularly consumes.
18 A condition characterized by excessive deposits of body fat.
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