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Ocean And Landforms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Ocean and Landforms

Read the clues and answer the crossword puzzle.

      V                   A                      
      O                   C                      
      L                   H   P L A I N S        
      C   A               E     A                
      A   B A R R I E R I S L A N D              
S     N   Y                     D                
E   C O N S T R U C T I V E     S                
A         S                   F L O O D          
M O U N T A I N R A N G E       I                
O         L                     D                
U     D E P O S I T I O N     W E A T H E R I N G
N         L                     S                
T         A                                      
        M I D O C E A N R I D G E                
          N                     R                
      D E S T R U C T I V E     O                
              I         A       S                
              F         L       I                
              T         L       N                
Across Down
3 Flat areas of land
6 Islands that ar asnbbndsjbhdbsakbavsdknmsvlmno
8 Process that builds landforms
9 Large amounts of water that cover land that is usually dry
10 Land that rises high above the ground
11 Dropping of sediments by water wind and ice
12 The process of materials breaking down
13 Underwater land that rises high above the ground
15 Process that destroys landforms
1 The area where the land meets the ocean
2 An opening in the Earth's crust that contains magma
4 A shift in the Earth's crust due to gravity
5 Wide flat areas of land that is underwater
7 An underwater opening that has magma that flows
14 The process of materials being broken down
16 Low land that is underwater between mountains and hills
17 Low land between mountains and hills
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