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Ocean Biome Crossword Puzzle

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Ocean Biome

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Across Down
6 Lightless area 3,000 feet below the surface
7 About 6,500 feet deep in the ocean
9 Known as the sea wasp and is extremely venomous
10 Preying on living whales when they surface to peck out pieces of flesh
12 A venom that paralyzes prey
13 Radially symmetrical, having more arms than any other species
14 An animal lacking a backbone
15 Continuous directed movement of ocean water
16 It's neurotoxin can kill a human and there is no anti-venom
1 Can reach ten feet in length and weigh up to 80 pounds
2 Grows to 12 feet long and lives up to 60 years
3 An animal that has a backbone
4 The largest kind of sea weed which grows in large groups
5 Notorious for robbing other birds of their their food and using their speed to harass their victims
8 A transition zone between a river environment and an ocean environment
11 Mating with only one partner for life
16 Has a round shape and grooved surface, which resembles an animal brain
17 A group of animals that comprises corals, sea anemones, jellyfish, sea fans, and more
18 The phylum that means 'pore bearing'
19 A group of torpedo shaped, fast swimming fish that feed on fish smaller than themselves
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