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Ocean Geology Crossword Puzzle

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Ocean Geology

Can you guess all these ocean geology terms correctly? Good luck!

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Across Down
8 Section of the continental margin extending from the coast of the continent to continental rise.
11 Geological process where one plate moves under another and is forced to sink due to gravity into the mantle.
13 Zone located at a depth of 6,600 to 20,000 feet; Covers most of the ocean floor.
14 Part of Earth's surface beneath the seas and the oceans.
15 Volcano whose summit rises above sea level.
17 A fissure in a planets surface from which geothermal heated water issues.
18 Group of underwater mountain chains criss-crossing the oceans.
19 Extremely deep elongated depression bordering a continent or island arc.
1 Isolated mountain of volcanic origin featuring a pointed summit.
2 A long high sea wave caused by an earthquake, or other natural disturbance.
3 A collective term for the bast landmasses and their submerged margins.
4 Major area in the basin of the Pacific Oceans where a large number of earthquakes & volcanic eruptions occur.
5 A very large expanse of sea.
6 Average water level observed during a given duration (day, month, year)
7 String of volcanic islands formed when two tectonic plats meet.
8 Underwater extension of the continent.
9 The study of Earth's physical structure and substance.
10 Ancient volcano who's summit has been cut off by erosion and then submerged.
12 Molten rock and gas under very high pressure that can reach extremely high temperatures.
16 Rounded underwater rise of low elevation.
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