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Oceans And Continents Crossword Puzzle

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Oceans and Continents

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Across Down
6 Highest mountain peak in the world
9 Warmest Ocean
10 Pacific Ocean is connected to Atlantic Ocean by this
12 This continent has a country famous for football
13 You find the Statue of Liberty in this continent
14 Earthquakes are very common in this ocean
15 Flightless Bird found in Antarctica
17 Largest islands in Indian Ocean
18 Largest body of water in the world
20 Common waters of Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean surrounding Antarctica
21 Number of countries in North America
23 World's smallest Ocean
28 Mountain range in Southern Europe
29 Number of Oceans
30 Largest Continent
1 Large, continuous area of land
2 Earth is known as this
3 Number of countries in Asia
4 The smallest continent
5 Large body of water surrounding the continents
6 This separates Europe from Africa
7 The Indian Ocean is divided by the Indian peninsula into this
8 Desert found in north Africa
11 Second largest continent
16 Number of continents
19 Shape of the earth
22 Sixth largest continent
24 Largest country in Asia
25 Longest freshwater lake in the world
26 This continent covers the common waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans
27 Coldest place on Earth
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