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OF Mice And Men Crossword Puzzle

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Of Mice and Men

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Across Down
5 Name of Lennie's Aunt
7 A migrant worker
10 A period of severe drought and dust storms in the 1930's which prevented farmers from planting crops and made life generally difficult
12 The Author of Of Mice and Men
13 The person who shoots Candy's dog
15 Crooks' role on the ranch
17 The hatred or dislike of women
18 A way to describe the brother-like relationship between Lennie and George
19 Laws which restricted the rights of African Americans in the 1930's
1 When we first meet Slim, he is described as '______ of the ranch'
2 The Spanish word for solitary and the place that the novel is set
3 Word meaning pretty or beautiful, used to describe Curley's wife
4 What has Curley allegedly got a 'glove fulla'?
6 Character who is known as 'the old swamper'
8 Curley has this (he hates big guys)
9 The main feature of George and Lennie's dream
11 Colour Curley's wife wears
14 Animal which Lennie is frequently compared to, especially at the start and the end of the novel
16 Chapter in which Crooks features most heavily
20 The place where the men work and live in the novel
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