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One Direction Crossword Puzzle

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One Direction

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Across Down
5 Niall's favorite restauraunt
7 Zayn went to go work with this band once he left the band
9 Louis claimed that he liked girls who eat these in their first diary
13 This person wrote their hit single, Moments
15 Harry's sisters name
16 This is Louis favorite band
18 They came in this place on the X Factor
19 This is the title of their first album
20 Liam is afraid of these.
21 Harry's birthday is on the first of this month
22 Niall's brothers name
23 Their Mortal enemy band
24 Their most downloaded hit single
25 Liam was on the reserved list for the _____.
27 This is the only Irish member
28 One direction's oldest member
1 ___ and Niall share this middle name, James
2 Liam is a fan of this sport
3 When Liam was younger, he only had one of these working
4 This show helped them become a band
6 Their first hit single
8 They won this many teen choice awards
10 Liam and Louis co-wrote this song in Midnight Memories
11 Niall is ___ handed.
12 This member came up with the name of One Direction
14 This person recently left the band
15 Niall plays this instrument
17 Niall loves these kind of movies
25 This is Harry's favorite color.
26 Liam's current girlfriend
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