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Oral Pathology Crossword Puzzle

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Oral Pathology

Descriptive Terminology

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Across Down
2 Flat, solid, raised area larger than 1 cm
3 A circumscribed fluid filled elevation greater than 1 cm
4 Resembles normal cells, remain localized, cannot spread to distant sites but can invade adjacent tissues
7 A lesion that has a wrinkled surface
8 Less dense tissues appear darker
9 A lesion which grows outward from the surface
12 Consists of many fused units
13 Tract or fistula that leads to the surface
14 More dense tissues appear lighter
18 Solid mass that has a dimension of depth
19 Stem-like or stalk base
21 Denuded area below the basal layer
22 A pigmented lesion 1 cm or smaller
23 A lesion that has a rough, wart-like surface
25 Flat or broad base
26 Borders are not well defined.
27 'New growth' abnormal cells exhibit uncontrolled growth
1 Abnormal cells, invade and destroy surrounding tissue, can metastasize throughout the body
2 Benign discoloration of mucosa or gingiva
5 A flat, pigmented lesion larger than 1 cm
6 A circumscribed elevation filled with purulent exudate resulting from infection
7 Borders are well defined
9 Denuded area above the basal layer
10 A lesion with small, finger-like projections
11 An outer layer, covering or scab over a lesion
15 A lesion that has a deep cleft or grooves
16 Abnormally hard area compared to adjacent tissues
17 Soft, readily yielding consistency of a fluid-filled lesion
20 Consists of one, well-defined unit
24 A circumscribed, fluid filled elevation less than 1cm
28 Elevated, solid lesion less than 1 cm
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