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Our Environment Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Our Environment

                C           E      
                O           C      
                N   A       O      
                S   B       S      
                U   I       Y      
                M   O       S      
    S L U M P   E   T       T      
            H E R B I V O R E S    
            O   S   C       M      
          P O P U L A T I O N      
            S               I      
            Y               C      
      C A R N I V O R E S   H      
      O     T               E      
B I O M E   H                      
      M   D E P O S I T I O N      
      U     S                      
      N     I       W              
      I     S C A V E N G E R S    
B I O T I C         A              
      Y             T              
                    H A B I T A T  
                  P R O D U C E R S
                O M N I V O R E S  
Across Down
4 the movement of soil and rock particle to move a short distance down a slope
6 animals that only eat plants
7 the number of individuals of one species that occupy the same area
9 animals that only eat other animals
10 a land zone that supports living things, like a grassland
11 rock particles are picked up and moved to another location
13 animals that feed on dead animals
14 living things in an ecosystem
15 the place an organism lives
16 living things that can make their own food
17 animals that feed on both plants and animals
1 living things that cannot make their own food and depend on the eating of other organisms
2 consists of living things and the physical place they live
3 non-living things in an ecosystem
5 process in by which plants make their own food
8 role a living thing has in its environment-how it obtains food and shelter, cares for its young, and avoids danger
9 all the populations of species that occupy an area
12 the chemical and physical processes that change rocks on Earth
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