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Pathology Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 The dual-retort tissue processor
10 New online protocol system is '___________ 360'
11 Manufacturer of the digital slide scanners
12 Used for thin sectioning of resin blocks
13 What you do at front desk
16 Machine we use for automated in situ hybridization (nickname)
17 The 'H' in NSH
20 An in situ stain we offer
23 Our PA
24 This is done by some office staff
25 You must show this every year if you work in the lab
26 Admin Supervisor in our office
27 Tim's breakroom basket is this color
28 Isolating DNA from a specimen
29 Needed for a PCR reaction
30 You use it to check your work
31 Slide interpreter
32 You use it to get cells onto a slide
1 The 'P' in PCR
2 EM Scope Manufacturer
3 Specimen tracking system
4 This is done when you gross
5 The 'E' in EM
6 Microbes appear this color in a GMS stain
7 Nickname for the Symphony
8 An enzyme stain done on muscles
9 Antibody staining
14 Used for sectioning frozen blocks
15 The newest H&E stainer
18 The research lab is also called the '____ Lab'
19 Lab that handles frozen specimens
21 It may be left for you when you make a mistake in Histology
22 Brings specimens from other areas
32 LIS System
33 You process and embed it
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