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Pearl Harbor Attack Crossword Puzzle

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Pearl Harbor Attack

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Across Down
1 to grab or take hold of something suddenly
5 to bargain or discuss something so that you can come to an agreement
7 an explosive device designed to explode underwater
9 a person who represents his or her country's government in a foreign country
10 an instrument used by planes and ships to find solid objects by reflecting radio waves off them and by receiving the reflected waves
12 a small, very fast warship that uses guns, missiles, and torpedoes to protect other ships from submarines
13 an official order forbidding something from happening, especially trade
14 a message or report
1 the deliberate damage or destruction of property
2 leaders of military clans who ruled in the Emperor's name
3 a formal agreement between two or more countries
4 a large airplane that drops bombs on targets.
6 people who want a national policy of gaining foreign territories or establishing dominance over other nations
8 to move away from an area because it is dangerous there
11 a sudden, surprise attack on a place
15 an underwater missile that explodes when it hits a target, such as a ship
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