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People OF The Covenant Crossword Puzzle

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People of the Covenant

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Across Down
6 Some kind of duty entrusted to you for which you are accountable
7 This is another name for the Land of Canaan - in the Torah, God promises this land to Abraham and his descendants
10 The ten laws that God wrote down on tablets of stone for Moses to give to the Israelites - it's other name is the Decalogue
11 The name given to the king of Egypt
12 The feeling that something is about to happen or should happen
13 A sacred agreement made between the Israelites and God which describes their special relationship
14 The event in the Exodus story when the Angel of Death strikes down the firstborn in the land of Egypt but passes over the houses of the Israelites
17 A member of your family from a long time ago, e.g. a grandparent
18 The document that tells the story of God’s relationship with humanity
21 God’s name, as given to Moses at the ‘burning bush’ - the name means ‘I Am’, which refers to God being present amongst the people
22 The vision of the world preached by Jesus
1 The event in which the Israelites are led by Moses from slavery in Egypt to freedom - it is also the name of the second book of the Bible
2 The name in the Torah for the country that is known as Israel today
3 The son of Isaac, his other name is Israel - his sons’ families gave rise to the twelve tribes of Israel
4 The mountain on which God gave Moses the Ten Commandments
5 The special chest in which the Israelites carried the tablets of the Ten Commandments through the desert
8 Beginning or origin - it is the name of the first book of the Bible.
9 The son of Abraham
15 The great Jewish leader who led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt
16 The first father of the Jewish people; the first person to believe in the one God
19 A punishment sent by God down to the land of Egypt to show the pharaoh God’s power
20 Legal, social, or moral freedoms to which you are entitled as a result of your dignity as a human person
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