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Pepsi Puzzle Crossword Puzzle

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Pepsi Puzzle

Can you figure out which brands we're talking about?

                1       2                            
                    9         10                      
Across Down
1 Larry Culpepper loves this stuff!
4 Premium iced tea brewed from real tea leaves. Available in an assortment of sweetened and unsweetened flavors!
5 An energy drink designed for those who lead active lifestyles.
6 A Starbucks' Espresso that you can purchase in a can!
8 The iconic clear cola of the 1990's. Now in stores for a limited time only!
9 It'll tickle your innards!
11 Pure water, perfect taste. The perfect companion for happy bodies everywhere.
13 A fruity caffeine-free soda that has been crushin' it since 1906.
15 Our zero-calorie cola that is aspartame-free!
16 This brand is best known for its ginger-ale and various sparkling waters.
2 Another zero-calorie, zero-sugar cola, that still has 'max taste'
3 A flavor of Mountain Dew that you can always find at Taco Bell!
4 '__________ hits the spot/twelve full ounces, that's a lot!'
6 The title of a Lana Del Rey song. Also one of our most popular products! MUG A bulldog
7 Puppy. Monkey. Baby.
10 Energy you need, flavors you crave.
12 A bulldog's favorite caffeine-free root beer.
14 The drink formerly known as Sierra Mist.
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