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Personality Adjectives Crossword Puzzle

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Personality Adjectives

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Across Down
3 a person who has very good manners
4 a person who is fashionable
6 a person who makes you feel uncomfortable or angry
7 a person who is not polite
10 a person who always welcomes new people and is nice to them
11 a person who only thinks about himself / herself
14 a person who gives people his / her time or money
16 a person who feels very pleased and happy about something
17 a person who always likes and supports someone or something
1 a person who often changes from happy to unhappy quickly
2 a person who is not interesting in any way
3 a person who is rarely angry or frustrated
4 a person who is nervous meeting new people
5 a person who works 12 hours a day
8 a person who tells jokes and makes other people have a good time
9 a person who shows no fear of dangerous or difficult situation
11 a person who is intelligent
12 a person who always helps others
13 a person who tells the truth
15 a person who likes sport a lot
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