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Pharmacology Crossword Puzzle

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Introduction to pharmacology terms

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Across Down
4 route by which the drug is absorbed into the circulation via oral or gastric mucose or the small intestine
8 The study of poisons and unwanted responses to drugs and other chemicals
9 (2 words) The time it takes for one half of the original amount of a drug to be removed from the body
11 What the drug does to the body
12 Decreasing response to repeated drug doses
13 (3 words) metabolism of a drug and its passage from the liver into the circulation
14 Any characteristic of the patient, especially a disease state, that makes the use of a given medication dangerous for the patient
16 (2 words) Ratio of a drug's toxic level to the level that provides therapeutic benefits
17 2 drugs with the same bioavilability and concentration of active ingredients
19 Permanent changes in genetic composition
20 Study of drugs' movement into, within, and out of the body
22 The study of how various drug forms influence what the body does to the drug and what the drug does to the body
25 Therapy given for the most likely illness present
27 Extent of drug absorption, or how much of the drug will reach the circulation
31 The study of natural (plant and animal) drug sources
34 Main organ for excretion
35 The elimination of drugs from the body
36 Place where metabolism frequently occurs
37 How the drug gets into the body
38 (2 words) Highest blood level
39 The time a drug concentration is sufficient to elicit a therapeutic response
40 The time it takes for a drug to reach its maximum therapeutic response
41 Physiologic or psychological need for a drug
42 Therapy to maintain the integrity of body functions while recovering from trauma or illness
1 Drugs cannot be given together
2 Cancer-causing effects
3 The transport of a drug by the bloodstream to its site of action
5 Therapy that supplies body with substance needed to maintain normal function
6 Biologic transformation of a drug
7 Drug effects are opposite of each other
10 (2 words) The physiologic reaction of the body to the drug
11 The use of drugs and the clinical indications for drugs to prevent and treat diseases
15 Route by which a drug is administered intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously, etc.
18 Therapy needed to sustain life or treat disease
21 Effect of 2 drugs that are administered together that have great effects together than they would apart
23 Therapy to make the patient as comfortable as possible
24 Therapy that prevents progression of disease or condition
26 (2 words) Lowest blood level
28 The rate at which a drug leaves its site of administration, and the extent to which absorption occurs
29 Fetal defects due to medications
30 (2 words) The cellular processes involved in the drug and cell interaction
31 Therapy given to prevent an illness during a planned event
32 Effect that occurs when drugs that have similar action and are given together
33 The time it takes for the drug to elicit a therapeutic response
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