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Physical Processes Crossword Puzzle

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Physical Processes

Crossword on Physical Processess acting on coasts.

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Across Down
1 Large amounts of rock slide down flat surfaces rapidly
6 Water soaks into permeable rocks and that weaker rock slides off impermeable rock
7 Chemical action of seawater dissolves calcium in limestone
8 Material is laid down when waves do not have enough energy to carry it anymore.
9 The breakdown of rocks at or near the surface of the ground
11 Repeated freezing and thawing of water in cracks.
12 When waves crash into cliffs and wears away rocks
15 Large boulders being moved by waves
2 Sand and pebbles are moved down the coast.
3 Rock fragments and pebbles collide against each other a breakdown
4 A form of mass movement where pieces of rock fall off weathered cliffs
5 Plants grow in cracks and weaken the rocks
10 Smaller boulders being bounced by the waves
13 When waves throw rocks, pebbles and sand against cliff faces
14 Acidic rainwater causes rocks to gradually weaken
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