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Political Deadlock Crossword Puzzle

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Political Deadlock

Read the questions and put the correct word in the boxes.

                  10                     11          
Across Down
3 A position in which it is impossible to act or govern because of a disagreement between political parties e.g not agreeing on capital city of Canada, as they kept alternating between Toronto and Quebec City.
4 The survival of the French- Canadian culture.
5 Land set aside in 1791 by Governor John Grave Simcoe for the support of a Protestant clergy.
6 A system where there are two levels of government: a national or federal government, and a state or provincial government e.g today's Canadian government, also with municipal (local) government.
7 The ideas and policies of a political party e.g clear grit party of late 1850s believed in rep by pop, taking over the Northwest, and a public school system in Canada West.
8 Meetings held by a member of political parties to chose leaders and agree on policies.
9 The rule on how a nation should be government e.g this looked into in Canada starting in 1864.
10 Organization of people with similar ideas who unite to get their ideas adopted by the general population e.g Reform Party.
12 A political party that has the support of ordinary people e.g Clear Grits.
1 Alliances between political parties e.g Baldwin of Canada West and LA Fontaine in Canada East.
2 School not connected with any religious denomination e.g public schools.
11 Each politican in the Legislature represents the same number of people e.g by 1851, people wanted this with growth of population in Canada West.
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