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Political Parties Crossword Puzzle

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Political Parties

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Across Down
4 A party that focuses on one political problem and how to resolve it
5 Only one party exists or routinely controls the government
6 A minority party that is unhappy with the financial well-being of the nation
7 A voter who does not consistently support one of the main political parties
8 Candidates are represented according to the amount of the popular vote that they received
9 An electoral system where the person with the most votes wins, even if they do not receive a majority of votes
10 Two major parties compete for control of the government
12 A party that has broken away from a major party because of a specific belief that is different
13 A minor party that is based on a particular set of beliefs
15 A vote for candidates of more than one party in the same election
1 Rewarding political allies and supporters with jobs in government
2 A general agreement
3 People at the local level who participate in creating political change
4 Only the one candidate with the most votes is elected to office
11 Many political parties exist and complete for control of the government
14 An alliance of people or parties to achieve a common goal
16 A group of people organized to influence government through winning elections and setting public policy
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