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Pollution Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Pollution Terms

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Across Down
5 Gases which tend to trap heat radiating from the Earth’s surface, so causing warming in the lower atmosphere
7 Poisonous gases that can harm people and the environment
8 Waste that poses a risk to human health or the environment
9 Noises that disturb the environment and people’s ability to enjoy it
11 Fuels that are formed in the ground over a long time from dead plants and animals
13 Liquid wastes from communities, which may be a mixture of domestic effluent from homes and liquid waste from industry
16 A measure of the impact our activities have on the environment
19 A measure of the amount of carbon dioxide you produce through your lifestyle every day
1 Disposing of waste illegally by not using bins or official recycling centers, civic amenity sites or landfills
2 Waste that is thrown away carelessly
3 In the context of the atmosphere, gases or particles released into the air
4 A site that is specially designed to dispose of waste and operates with a license granted by the (EPA)
5 The warming of the Earth’s atmosphere caused by increasing levels of gases
6 Air pollution consisting of smoke and fog
10 A tax on fuels according to their carbon content
12 The gradual increase in temperature of the Earth’s surface caused by human activities
14 Water that collects or flows underground in the small spaces in soil and rock
15 A measure of the level of pollution in the air
17 The thin protective layer of gas that acts as a filter for ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun
18 A general term for any chemicals that are used to kill weeds, fungi, insects or other pests
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