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Positioning The Patient Crossword Puzzle

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Positioning the Patient

In the Perioperative Setting

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Across Down
1 To prevent chemical burns ________________of solutions under patient must be avoided
6 Possible skin injury that may occur if repositioning is not well coordinated
7 Reverse Trendelenberg position
9 A Wilson frame is used for this position
10 More than 90 degrees position on arm boards may increase risk of____________________ injury
12 These may be used where necessary to prevent patient falls from the operating table
13 Patient's legs are raised slowly and simultaneously for this position
14 Patient positioning must allow ______________ for surgeon and anaesthetist
15 Must be assessed prior to patient positioning
16 Head down position
17 A modification of supine position
19 Any signs of it must be reported
23 Must not _____________ or place instruments on patient
2 When patient is lying on the left side, the position is____________________
3 When patient is lying on the right side, the position is____________________
4 May be dislodged if all specific needs are not communicated to positioning team
5 Personnel must ensure correct positioning devices are __________________
8 Patient's ankles should be _________________ when in supine position
10 Padding must be used to avoid pressure on _____________________
11 To avoid diathermy burns, all ______________ on positioning devices must be covered
18 Patient must not be left _____________________ at any time
20 Required of all personnel assisting with patient positioning
21 These must be engaged before patient transfer or movement
22 ______________ of the procedure must be considered in the positioning careful planning
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