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Post American War Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Post American War

                      U     H  
                      N     O  
          N           B     U  
          A           E     S  
          S           L     E  
  C O N T A I N M E N T     O  
        R                   F  
        U                   U  
        M A R S H A L L P L A N
        A                   A  
    V E N O N A P A P E R S    
  N A T O                      
        C O N S U M E R I S M  
M C C A R T H Y I S M          
        N     G   B            
      B E R L I N A I R L I F T
      E   O   B   B           H
      A   C   I   Y           P
      T   K   L   B           A
      N   A   L   O           R
      I   N       O           A
      C   D       M           L
      K   R                   L
      S   O                   E
          L                   L
Across Down
4 policy of keeping communism contained within its existing borders
6 foreign policy that offered economic aid to Western Europe after World War II
7 series of Cold War-era secret Soviet documents intercepted and later released by U.S. intelligence officials
8 military alliance formed to counter Soviet aggression
9 large-scale buying, much of it on credit
10 negative catchword for extreme, reckless changes of disloyalty
13 program in which U.S. and British pilots flew supplies to West Berlin during a Soviet blockade
1 name given to the region of states in the South and the Southwest
2 congressional committee that investigated possible subversive activities within the United States
3 government agency that coordinates U.S. efforts in space
5 President Trumanís promise to help nations struggling against communist movements
11 eased the return of World War II veterans by providing education and employment aid
12 increase in births between 1945 and 1964
13 small group of writers and artists, in the 1950s and early 1960s, who were critical of American society
14 popular music that grew out of the gospel and blues traditions of African Americans
15 dividing line between North and South Korea
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