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Prader-willi Syndrome Crossword Puzzle

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Prader-Willi Syndrome

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Across Down
6 What chromosome is missing genetic information?
8 What behaviors could inhibit students with PWS from transitioning easily?
9 Students with PWS require more opportunities for ____________________.
11 What specific subject area is a challenge for students with PWS?
13 What does PWS stand for?
16 _____________ activities help students with PWS cope in the classroom.
17 A scheduled break to reduce fatigue is an example of what?
18 What kind of thinking is difficult for students with PWS?
19 These types of activities encourage students with PWS to become more engaged.
1 Students with PWS have difficulty with what kind of memory?
2 PWS can range in severity causing many physical and _______________ impairments.
3 Students with PWS have difficulty with ____________ language.
4 What task would be challenging for students who struggle with fine motor skills?
5 What kind of learners are students with PWS?
7 When upset, students with PWS have difficulty with _______________.
10 What types of activities do students with PWS benefit from?
12 What is the medical term for low muscle mass and tone?
14 What can be developed when adaptations are not sufficient enough?
15 What could be the result of never feeling full?
20 What respiratory condition may students with PWS experience?
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