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Pres. Donald Trump Crossword Puzzle

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Pres. Donald Trump

      3                         4            
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Across Down
6 Trump's oldest son's name is ________ Trump Jr
7 Last name of Trump's Vice-President
9 Trump's political party affiliation
11 Donald's daughter with Marla
12 Donald's youngest son, with Melania
13 Trump's first wife's name
14 Hosted a reality tv show called The _____________
15 What American's pay, except Trump, to finance government, military, etc
16 Today, January 20, 2017, Trump will become President number ______
1 Donald Trump's middle name
2 Trump's net worth is between 4.1 and 8.7 ________ dollars
3 What political offices has Trump held prior to becoming President?
4 Trump defeated Hillary _______, although she got more votes than him
5 Trump's third wife's name
8 Donald was born in this city, largest city in the state of New York
10 Trump's second wife's name
17 President #44, who Trump follows in office
18 Trump's oldest daughter, with Ivana
19 Second son of Donald and Ivana
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