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Progressive Era Crossword Puzzle

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Progressive Era

    1               2                                                          
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Across Down
1 let the voters make sure the legislature candidates were what they wanted
3 muckraker that wrote about child labor and helped with child labor laws
4 a write that focused on more problems cited in his book
5 muckraker that exposed the corruption of Rockefeller
7 almost stopped all winter fuel to go to major cities
10 helped mislabeled products of drugs and food not be sold
12 man fired by taft for disobedience
13 allowed voters to remove certain officials from office
15 a founder of the progressive movement
17 gave women the right to vote
18 the time period called when alcohol was banned
19 was there to protect from the consumption of spoiled and disease carrying meats
20 when transactions made between private companies were free of tariffs
22 a holding company created by 3 men associated with the rail roads
25 A system where a commissioners or a city manager would hire people to run certain departments of the city
26 muckraker that wrote the book '' The shame of the cities''
29 when people vote for people to run for a certain election
2 muckraker that investigated the meat packing industry
6 quaker that protested to have the pres. to fight for women's rights
8 first mass organization among women devoted to social reform
9 gave the ICC power to make rates for the railroads
11 the amendment banning alcohol
14 when citizens introduce the legislature
16 writers that investigated the corruption in big companies
21 the right to vote
23 the abstinence of alcohol
24 this man was the leader of the american socialist party
27 Roosevelt's act from his second term
28 idea that the gov. should own a corporation for the community
30 ideas of how to fix problems within the american society
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