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Across Down
8 Stage of change when an individual commits and makes plans to change
10 Most likey causal argument for marijuana as a gateway substance
11 Examining _______ is a key component of social influence prevention
12 Antabuse is considered _______ therapy
15 Treatment that gives rewards for drug-free urine samples
19 Mixing of the senses that can occur under the influence of LSD
21 Allowing the growth, sale, and purchase of marijuana
25 In Addiction, Aubrey thinks that reducing ______ will help her stay clean
1 Alternative medication for opiate dependence
2 Hallucinogens that causes users to lose touch with reality
3 THC reduces pressure in the eye of these patients
4 The frontal lobe brain system that weighs consequences
5 A large dose of psilocybin can increase scores on this personality
6 Prevention program aimed at reducing relapse in former users
7 In this country, marijuana is thought to decrease appetite
9 Prevention approach often led by police officers
13 Experienced marijuana users tend to become intoxicated ________
14 Short-term treatment aimed at relieving withdrawal symptoms
16 Brand name for THC capsules prescribed to cancer patients
17 Marijuana reduces this cognitive ability
18 Consistent parenting is a _______ factor for drug use
20 THC stays in the body for weeks because it has a high ______-solubility
22 Hallucinogen that is related to the amphetamines
23 Body's natural THC-like substance
24 Prevention approach aimed at teaching individuals to make their own choices
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