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Psychology Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Founder of classical conditioning
4 According to the evolutionary perspective, behavior is only passed down across generations if it has ______ value
5 Creator of first psychology lab in 1879
7 The psychodynamic perspective emphasizes the role of the ______ in human behavior
9 The field of psychology accepts that people view and experience the world ______
10 The use of the scientific method and direct observations
12 Founded by William James, this perspective emphsized how our minds allow us to adapt to our environment
14 The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
15 Branch of psychology which emphasizes the influence of environment on human behavior
16 Mental activity involved in the aquisition, retention, and use of information
1 Positive psychology studies the effects of positive emotions, such as ______, on human behavior and well-being
2 Founder of behaviorism as the scientific study of observable behavior.
6 Founder of Structuralism
8 Example of how the field of psychology is connected to social trends
11 Maslow and Rogers
13 Example of mental process
15 The field of psychology accepts that ______ is one of many factors that cause human behavior
16 Attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors shaped by a group of people and passed down to future generations
17 Set of related ideas explaning a phenomenon
18 Founded by B.F. Skinner, ______ conditioning explains the learning of volentary behavior through the presentation of consequences
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