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Psychology Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
12 behaviour is considered abnormal if it doesnt represent the mayority´s behaviour
13 shorter therapy focusing on specific problems
16 Antipsychotics
17 disrupts ability to have rewarding social relationships with others.
18 shows models using apropiate behaviour in order to immitate
19 An assessment of the likely outcome of the disorder.
20 A model for mental illness which suggests that genes may create a predisposition to develop certain disorders, Which may then be
22 it is not possible for 2 incompatible emotions to be together
23 Identification of the problem.
24 rational emotive behaviour therapy
25 a mental disorder in which a person loses contact with reality.
26 Anxiolytics
27 introduce the stimuli by small steps
33 analyst's feeling towards analysand
36 The physical therapies used in the case that mental illnesses are organic.
1 (In the psychodynamic approach and in behavioural approach): It doesnt take higher mental processes, such as thoughts, feelings and memories into account.
2 in psychodynamic th. Only useful for young, attractive, verbal, intelligent, successful people
3 analysand uses tactics to interrupt the session as painful memories come closer to consciousness.
4 lacking logic
5 Ritalin
6 The cause of the disorder.
7 in psychodynamic th, when someones delas with the repressed material
8 any medical procedure given without consent or that´s against the will of a person.
9 other symptoms which may develope with drugs
10 disorders, extreme irrational fear of an object, activity, situation which leads to avoid the feared stimuli
11 symptoms which may occur in the absence of a drug
12 based on classical conditioning, it treats phobias with gradual intro.
14 Therapy based on using drugs.
15 underlying meaning of dream. Unconscious
16 story and images of the dream.
21 understands the cause of his or her problems and has ' worked through' the issues
28 tests are used in psychodynamic th focusing on specific problems. example: rorschach
29 The branch of psychology concerned with psychological disorders.
30 a physical lesion.
31 using live encounters with feared object/situation
32 Unwritten rules, of a social group, that people are aware of; people conform (ej. singing football song at church)
34 analysand's feelings are projected into analyst
35 Theorists who are strongly critical of the view of mental disorders proposed by the medical model.
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