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Psychology Observation Crossword Puzzle

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Psychology Observation

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Across Down
1 This happens when one-way mirrors are used to prevent participants being aware they are being observed
2 When participants are observed without their knowledge this is absent
5 A form of analysis typically used in indirect observational studies e.g. observing advertisements on TV
6 Sampling in observation where the researcher recoding an event every time it happens.
7 In order to conduct systematic observations one needs to use these to break up the stream of behaviour into a set of components
8 A method of representing each category of behaviour in an observation
9 A type of observational study where the observer is involved in the activity being studied
10 This involves comparing the ratings of two or more observers and checking for agreement in their measurement
12 A form of observation where the researchers design a type of coding scheme to record the participants' behaviour.
1 These observations may be carried out in laboratory situations or natural situations.
3 When someone who is observing is affected by their expectations or values
4 A form of observation in which behaviour is recorded as it spontaneously occurs
11 Some observations may be regarded as an invasion of this and this is an ethical issue
13 Sampling where the researcher decides on a time say 5 seconds and then records what behaviour is occurring at that time
14 A way of recording information during observational research in quantitative form
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