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Psycology Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 having to do with an organism's thinking and understanding
3 assumption or prediction or educated guess
5 measure of a relationship between two variables or sets of data
6 data collected about a group of participants over a # of years to assess how certain characteristics change & stays the same
7 which participants are unaware of which participants recieved the treatment
8 which data are collected from groups of participants of different
10 harmless pill
11 in-depth research method that involves an intense investigation of one or more subjects
12 self observation which participants report on their thoughts and feelings
2 which the psychologist observes the subject in a natural setting & without manipulation
4 small group of subjects out of the total # available of a target population that a researcher studies
9 which information is obtained by asking many individuals a fixed set of questions about their attitudes or behaviors
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