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Radiology Crossword Puzzle

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7 Disease of the supportive structures of the teeth
8 Loss of the specialized bone structure that contains the alveoli or sockets of the teeth and supports the teeth
9 The shadow seen interproximally on radiographs that is caused by the concavity in the root surface of that area
10 A readily recognizable anatomic structure used as a point of reference in establishing the location of another structure or in determining certain measurements
11 Interproximal surfaces of adjoining teeth being superimposed on each other because of improper horizontal angulation
12 A lesion that is on both sided of the oral cavity; most are normal landmarks
13 A procedure that is used when the dentist gets close to the nerve when removing decay.
14 An incident in which teeth come into contact with foods that tend to create a favorable environment for development of dental caries.
17 The process that the diagnostician goes through with the use of radiographs, clinical examination, and history to formulate a diagnosis
18 Radiographically is only in the enamel
1 Found on the biting surfaces of the teeth and are not usually seen well on radiographs
2 Caries that has penetrated through the dentin and is about to reach the pulp chamber
3 Inflammation of the gingiva
4 The wearing away of teeth by occlusal forces
5 Synthetic restoration primarily used in anterior regions
6 Where the enamel ends and the dentin begins
15 An explanation of radiographic findings
16 Uses either thermal or electrical stimulation to determine whether a tooth is vital or nonvital
19 Removal of pulp tissue in the crown portion only
20 The wearing away of tooth structure by mechanical means
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