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Rainforests Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 Animals that eat meat
7 The abundance of different plant and animal species found in the environment
9 2,500 types of these, many of which live on the rainforest floor
10 Very intellegent primates that resemble humans
11 Colourful flying insects with two sets of wings
13 The process in which groups of species die out
14 A large number of trees that cover a big area of land
20 A large constricting snake from South and Central America
1 One of the many indigenious groups of people living in the Amazon rainforest
2 A large short tailed rodent from a rainforest in America
3 Plant like organisms that live in water. They have no roots, stem or leaves
5 Small rainforest frog with bright red eyes
6 South American lizzard that can walk on water
8 A rainforest bird with a huge colourful beak
10 Birds with a large feathery chest and a hooked bill
12 An imaginary circle around the earth, halfway between the north and south poles
15 A slow moving lazy monkey looking thing that lives in trees and sleeps alot
16 Plants that loose their leaves at the end of each growth season
17 A large endangered primate from Africa
18 The biggest snake in the world
19 The interelationships between all of the living things in one area
21 Large orange coloured tree dwelling ape
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