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Rainforests Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 The line above the equator
5 Contains small trees and shrubs , very little sun reaches this layer
6 Digging into the ground to extract materials such as oil
7 This animal spits out poison as a defence
9 Deforestation of large areas to produce timber
10 Only cutting down trees once they get to a certain height
11 Vines that hang from trees in rain forests
12 If trees are cut more are planted to maintain the canopy
13 Trees 40 metres or taller , usually supported by buttress roots
14 Large rainforest located in Brazil and countries bordering
16 Growing trees and crops at the same time
17 Covered in ferns and fallen leaves
18 The dark humid layer - contains saplings between larger trees
1 Large areas that used to be forest used for cattle farming
2 Most rain forests are located on this line
3 This bird has strong claws to grip onto trees and nests in tree holes to sty hidden
4 Line below the equator
6 Average about of rainfall in a rainforest per year
8 Average daily temperature of a rainforest
15 Making sure people understand the consequences of their actions
19 Dense layer of the rainforest- almost a complete cover. Trees 20-30m tall
20 This is new 'paths' built deep into the rainforest
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